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Collect uon. Protect Earth.

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Ever dreamed of protecting your own piece of nature?
Now you can.

For the first time in history everybody can protect Earth. Meter x meter.


Protect 1 m² of nature for only €1.20

With every m² you protect, you collect a uon: a unique digital proof of protection of a geocoded unit of nature registered in your name.

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You can virtually visit your m² and
learn more about the work on the ground.

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For every uon you collect, we bring a new m² of nature under protection.
This is how we scale.

The protection is the responsibility of participating nature protection organizations (NPOs), which protect, rewild, or restore nature areas, while empowering local and indigenous communities.

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Where the money goes

Simply put, €1.00 out of every €1.20 goes directly to the nature protection organizations

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Nature Needs Half


After 100 years of conservation efforts, currently only 10% of the planet is protected. Scientists and conservationists stress that we need to protect 30% by 2030 and 50% by 2050 to safeguard biodiversity and secure our planet for future generations. We need to accelerate and scale up.

We are on a mission to protect 50% of the planet.

Uon.Earth is an app developed by Union of Nature Foundation and a tech company with a purpose portal for companies, charities and organizations to collectively campaign for Earth.

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